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I Love Don Week, Part 1: The List

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, DJs and emcees … it’s the week we’ve all been waiting for. (drum roll)

It’s … “I Love Don Week.”

For those not familiar with this week, it’s the week leading up to Don’s birthday. And “Don” is me. Each day, to fully celebrate Don, Don is to be showered with treats, praise, and lavish gifts. Check that …the gifts don’t need to be lavish.

Here’s something I find very annoying …when people have a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion and they say (a) I don’t need or want anything and (b) when asked for ideas, they can’t think of anything. Hogwash, I say. Everyone wants something. Do you go to the grocery store every week? Do you ever buy even the slightest extraneous item? That! That’s the idea I want when I ask. Tell me you like Cabernet or Chardonnay. Tell me you like interesting and unique olives and, hell, I’ll enroll you in an Olive-of-the-Month club or something.

What’s more, people like to give things. Luckily for fans of Don, Don likes to receive things. It’s a win-win. You will feel good because you’ve given of yourself and I will be deeply and greatly appreciative that you care enough to get me something.

Truly …nobody dishes out heartfelt thank-yous like me. If you buy me a cup of coffee, I’m known to carry on as if you untied from the railroad tracks in a silent-film era cowboy movie.

So, without further ado, let’s get right to my list. This is just a starter list and I’ll be adding to it throughout the week, but for you early shoppers, get crackin’.

  • thermometer for my tea kettle and/or outdoor grill
  • tea kettle with built in temperature gauge
  • new filters for my Aeropress
  • gift card to Chazanno’s Coffee Roasters in Ferndale
  • a new digital camera (12MP or better)
  • Ducky Momo t-shirt
  • gift card to Birmingham Palladium
  • Wii Game: Lego Harry Potter
  • Wii Game: Lego Pirates of the Carribean
  • auto detailing kit (mostly I want the new towels, rags, and brushes)
  • a new suit
  • Adidas barefoot trail running shoes
  • a time machine
  • game for vacation: Story Cubes (
  • game for vacation: Malarky or something fun from
  • game for vacation: Wits & Wagers

I’m turning 38 next Monday, and I have been doing quite a bit of reflection lately. It’s about time I get serious about living and life and about solving the Rubik’s Cube. I’ve arrived at the perfect mid-life crisis age, and I want to avoid and avert such a crisis. I have my hair. I’ve been on death’s doorstep twice (or maybe a third time in my teenage years), but I’ve come through strong.

Now I need to turn that strength into something.

I promise you, this will be an exciting week …for me, at least. But if you hang around, you might have some fun, too.



  1. A good blog post. Something I always tell students is keep raw ingredients totally separate from ready to eat foods.
    Wash your hands well in soapy water after touching raw meat and raw vegetables. (Soil on raw vegetables is a major source of pathogenic organisms.
    Check the internal temperature of cooked foods to ensure it has reached at least 75°C or 167°F. This temperature will ensure that it is safe to eat.

    Comment by Dave — 12/20/2011 @ 9:00 pm

  2. […] and moved my ranting to a WordPress Blog I called “Don’s Ego” and here’s an “I Love Don Week” post from 2009. Ugh. The list then is mostly the same as my lists now. I’m an old […]

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